I don’t believe certain books should be banned just because they present unpleasant images or ideas that some people might find offensive. This is a matter of personal opinion, and banning books because of it infringes on the rights of other individuals to form their own perspective. Censorship causes narrow-mindedness because it prevents people from being able to examine other ideas that differ from their own. It robs them of the right to expand their intellectual sphere. With the exception of young children, I think everyone should have the right to decide what type of books they should read. Books can offer important lessons that may help improve an individual’s perception of the world and guide him or her through life. Not allowing people to read certain books prevents people from gaining beneficial information that these books have to offer.

Another reason why I’m against censorship is because it’s a way of filtering the type of information people are exposed to. It’s a form of mind control because what we know affects how we think. We shape our views according to the things we have learned. Filtering information leaves gaps in our overall perception because certain pieces of knowledge are left out of our awareness. Censorship does not protect anyone from harm; it can only lead us to a state of partial blindness and ignorance.

6/11/2017 08:14:12 am

I was wondering who the Website Publisher was.


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